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Academy for Jewish Religion (cantorial training, all denominations)"A rabbinical and cantorial school. Since its founding in 1956 as a rabbinical school, the Academy for Jewish Religion has been at the forefront of pluralistic rabbinic and cantorial training. Our graduates and students serve both movement-affiliated and non-affiliated congregations in North America and around the world, fulfilling the needs of Klal Yisrael in this post-denominational era. Our teachings respectfully span the full spectrum of Judaism; our faculty and students cross denominational lines, representing the full spectrum of the Jewish community." W:
Aleph Cantorial Programme (Jewish Renewal)The ALEPH Cantorial Program is designed to train renewal-minded Jews who are passionate about prayer and Torah to be inspiring ba'aley t’fillah (masters of Jewish prayer) and davvenen’ leaders. Our program expects serious musicianship, dedicated Jewish scholarship, a love for the legacy of tradition coupled with a progressive, imaginative spirit. We expect hazzanim to be self-aware and sensitive Jewish spiritual teachers, just as we expect of our rabbis and rabbinic pastors, while recognizing that the role of hazzan has its special focus. The Cantorial Program requires a range of competencies in hazzanut, nusach, trop for all megillot, music, voice, davvenen skills, clergy pastoral skills, and renewal-style Jewish leadership and teaching skills, plus a broad background in Jewish studies and Jewish spiritual practice. W:
American Conference of Cantors (Reform USA)The ACC is the professional organization of over 450 invested and/or certified cantors. Responsible for raising the professional standards of synagogue musicians, the ACC offers continuing education programs in conjunction with HUC-JIR School of Sacred Music and professional development opportunities for its members. W:
American Society for Jewish Music (ASJM)With its direct roots dating from 1908, The American Society for Jewish Music continues to promote the study of Jewish music, classical and contemporary, liturgical and secular. In addition to publishing its academic journal, MUSICA JUDAICA, the Society's JEWISH MUSIC FORUM presents lectures which bring together scholars, ethnomusicologists and interested laity for academic presentations at The Center for Jewish History in New York City and around the country. W:, E:
ARC Music - World and Folk Music (shop)ARC Music offers the largest selection of world and ethnic music from all corners of the globe. Established in 1976, we are the original world music label. W:
Atzilut: Concerts for PeaceFeaturing Jewish and Arab musicians working together, the group includes both Hebrew and Arab singers. Directed by Hazzan Jack Kessler, ATZILUT has a 15-year performance history at a wide range of venues, including the United Nations, La Cigale in Paris, and the Royal Opera Theatre of Copenhagen. W:
Az Yashir MosheCreated by students and alumni of Yale University, Az Yashir Moshe honors the literary character of traditional and modern songs, blessings, and niggunim by setting them in a beautiful, elegant volume. This is the most comprehensive bencher available, with new translations of all the songs and prayers, linear transliteration of every line of every song, and translations of every word. W:
Belz School of Jewish MusicThe Philip and Sarah Belz School of Jewish Music, the foremost center in the United States for the preservation of Jewish Music is dedicated to preparing aspiring professional Cantors, Ba'alei Tefillah, Music Educators and synagogue laymen as well, to serve the Jewish community throughout the world. The student body of the BSJM consists primarily of undergraduate men who hail from North America and around the world. W:
Blessings (audio and sheet music)Chatimot (blessings at the ends of prayers) of Mishkan T'filah (the siddur of the American Union of Reform Judaism) - for all weekday services, Shabbat evening and morning services, and festivals. All free downloads of PDF sheet music, and audio files. A great resource! W:
Cantors Assembly (Conservative / Masorti USA)Network. Also includes CDs and books. W:
Chabad melodiesLarge free resource of audio clips and very small jpgs of the sheet music. W:
also, there are videos at
Chabad NiggunimEli Lipsker, leading exponent of Chassidic music. 2 books containing 241 Chabad meoldies with words and chords: . Audio items:
Chassidic niggunimAudio of many niggunim, including teachings (in English) about them. W:
Chazzanut onlineRecordings of the great cantors of the past, including articles. W:
Collection of Chabad Niggunim11 niggunim on audio. W:
Collection of Jewish MusicChasidic, Sephardic, Carlebach - audio. W:
Composers of the 'New Jewish School'Late 19th century to mid-20th century. W:
Dartmouth Jewish Sound ArchiveThe Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive was established in 2002 as a repository of sound recordings for researchers and students. Please note, it is not a free music download site. If you are not a student at Dartmouth College or at Hebrew College, you will need to register and demonstrate a legitimate scholarly or research purpose. User accounts are good for 6 months and can be renewed if needed. Recently partnered with JMI (England) to digitise more recordings. W:
European Centre for Jewish MusicThe EZJM is concerned with the documentation and reconstruction of Jewish liturgical music, which could be heard in European synagogues until 1938. W:
Festivals of Jewish Music (and/or culture)Atlanta, Georgia Austin, Texas (Jewsapalooza) Berkley, California Boston Chicago Jackson Hole Montreal New Jersey Pittsburgh San Diego Sydney, Australia (Shir Madness) Syracruse Washington
Freedman Jewish Sound ArchiveCurrently contains over 4,000 recordings, primarily in Yiddish and Hebrew; 35,000 entries in the trilingual database. University of Pennsylvania. W:
Galpaz (shop) - 'Great Jewish Music'Shop for Jewish music and CDs. W:
Hanashir Mailing ListDiscussion group affiliated to Hava Nashira songleading network in the USA. Songleaders, songwriters, performers, cantors, music educators and others from all over the world participate in discussion. It's a great place to share information, and make contacts in the world of Jewish music. Instructions on how to join can be found at the weblink. W:
Hatikvah Music International (shop)Hatikvah Music carries a large selection of Jewish Music. Our specialties are Yiddish, Klezmer, Sephardic, Ladino, Cantorial and Israeli music on CD cassette, and video. We ship worldwide. W:
Hava Nashira Jewish Songleader and Music ResourceA Resource for Jewish Songleaders, Songwriters, Performers, Music Educators and all those involved in the transmission of Jewish heritage, religion and culture through music.
W: Also includes two great pages of resources of audio files, free downloadable sheet music PDFs ... Hot Shabbat - General Jewish music. W:
  • Tot Shabbat - For children and young people's Jewish music. W:
  • Hebrew College School of MusicW:
    HebrewSongs.comOver 4800 songs, transliterated and translated into English as well as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and other languages, by volunteers worldwide. Also artists  W:
    Hebrew Union College Cantorial ProgrammeW:
    Heichal HaneginaChabad  musical theory, and Nachman quote.
    Israeli & Jewish Music (shop)W:
    Israel Philharmonic OrchestraW:
    Jerusalem Music CenterPresident - Murray Perahia. W:
    Jewish Awareness Through MusicAsefa Music is a pool of musicians with an educative purpose. W:
    Jewish Jukebox (shop)Sameach Music's home on the web - shop for music. W:
    Jewish Music as Midrash. What Makes Music Jewish?Book-CD set - a 'must buy' for any serious composer, performer, student or listener of Jewish music [endorsed by JMUK's founder, Alexander Massey]. W: Also excellent free articles at:
    Jewish Music BandsHuge list by Klezmer Shack. W:
    Jewish Music Blog NetworkIt's amazing how many people are bloggin about Jewish music! W:
    Jewish Music Commission of Los AngelesSince 1982, creating new opportunities for the performance of Jewish music, encouraging and educating composers to write new Jewish music, and bringing Jewish music to new audiences. Over the years, The Jewish Music Commission of Los Angeles (JMCLA) has developed an extensive slate of programs, scholarships, and events to nurture Judaism through music. Education, enrichment, entertainment, collaboration, grants.To create new opportunities for the performance of Jewish music. Encourage the composition of Jewish music for the synagogue and for the community at large; bring Jewish music to new audiences, both religious and secular; provide education opportunities for composers who wish to write authentic new Jewish music. W:
    Jewish Music Discussion Group (Yahoo)One of the rare places on the Web that is dedicated solely to discussing Jewish Music. We exchange announcements on upcoming releases and concerts, review and analyze new albums, relate insider info and good gossip (only) on JM, stories of brushes with stardom, and discuss anything that's JM related. W:
    Jewish Music DownloadsProvided by URJ Books and Music, this is a resource of downloadable music links for 17 of their artists. W:
    Jewish Music - overviewArticle by Moshe Denburg. W:
    Jewish Music Reportargest team of Jewish Music writers on the web. W:
    Jewish Music Research CentreAcademic institution fully dedicated to the documentation, research and publication of scholarly materials about Jewish music. Databases, biographies; store of books and CDs; news and events; useful Jewish music links. W:
    Jewish Music Resources on the internetAn excellent and huge list. Links for cantillation, cantorial arts, books, sheet music, musical artists, composers, leining, ethnomusicology, chassidic, sephardic, ashkenazic music, shofar blowing, shops, women's music, Yiddish music. There a lots of groups (useful for musicians who want new inspiration or ideas for networking).  W:
    Jewish Music ReviewW:
    Jewish Music Store (shop)Lots of categories of Jewish music. W:
    Jewish Music WebCenterThe purpose of the Jewish Music WebCenter is to provide an online forum for academic, organizational, and individual activities in Jewish music. Information is provided to encourage and support scholarship, enjoyment, creation and general knowledge of Jewish music. W:
    Jewish Scores and Sheet musicList of publishers and online resources. W:
    Jewish Sheet MusicFree general and wedding sheet music. W:
    Journal of Synagogue Music (Cantors Assembly)Complete freely downloadable archive (PDFs) of all editions from its foundation in 1967 to the present day. Fantastic resource of scholarship and debate on Jewish composition, cantorial art, congregational singing etc. Website:
    Judaica Europeana Sound ArchivesMany thousands of live recordings of Jewish music's contribution to European culture. Also powerful search facilities and access to databases and resources. W:
    Judaica Sound ArchivesAn unprecedented, huge, free resource of online audio of great Jewish music, and past and current artists, including historic recordings; Florida Atlantic University. "Rescuing, preserving and sharing heritage". W:
    Klezmer Music: articleHistory, instruments, charactersitics of hte compositions, performance styles.
    Klezmer ShackAri Davidow's resource for all things klezmer. W:
    KollangSynagogue musical traditions of Switzerland. W:
    Levisson InstituteSynagogue musical traditions of Holland. W:
    Milken Archive of Jewish MusicFounded in 1990 to document, preserve, and disseminate the vast body of music that pertains to the American Jewish experience. Over two decades, the Milken Archive has become the largest collection of American Jewish music ever assembled—more than 700 recorded works, including over 500 world premiere recordings. 800 hours of oral histories, 50,000 photographs and historical documents, and thousands of hours of video footage from recording sessions, interviews, and live performances, plus an extensive collection of program notes and essays. W:
    Mostly Music (shop)Jewish Music Superstore. W:
    Musica Judaica: Journal of the American Society for Jewish MusicThis Table of Contents Service is provided by The Jewish Music WebCenter
    on behalf of The American Society for Jewish Music.  Anyone wanting information on volumes of Musica Judaica can email or write to the ASJM office, American Society for Jewish Music, c/o Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street (Fifth Floor), New York, NY 10011. W:
    Musica Judaica Online ReviewsOpen-access online journal that publishes reviews of books, films, significant events, and recordings chronicling all forms of Jewish musical expression. W:
    National Sound ArchivesThe Jewish National and University Library recorded thousands of treasures in its National Sound Archives. These are being organised in the The David and Fela Shapell Digitization Project. W:
    Neo-HasidCategorised audio of niggunim, Torah stories, liturgy. W:
    Oy Songs (shop)The world's first progressive-Jewish music download site, has launched featuring a wide variety of Jewish musical artists. With deep levels of music categorization and artist information, oySongs boasts a huge mp3-format catalog of songs and albums. W:
    PiyyutHuge resource of free online audio of histroci and contemporary sung prayers. You could lose yourself for weeks in this wonderful resource. Many piyyutim are recorded in several different versions. W:
    Pro Music HebraicaPro Musica Hebraica is a new organization founded (2008) to bring great Jewish music - much of it unpublished - to the concert hall. We aspire to expose our audience to the magnificent range of Jewish music and to present Jewish composers not as cultural curiosities or ethnic heroes, but as passionate modern artists who embrace the challenge of expressing their Jewishness through the creative medium of music. W:
    Radio (online)Jewish Broadcast - Listen to streams of Jewish Music 24 hours a day. W:
    Jewish Music Stream - W:
    Jewish Radio (from - W:
    Jewish Tag Radio - W:
    JVelt Radio - Choice of 7 radio stations. W:
    Klezmer Shack - big list of podcasts and radio stations around the world - W:
    Listen to 11 top Jewish radio stations - W:
    Retanot: Institute of Jewish Music"a pioneering organization dedicated to tracking down and recording traditional Jewish music from all cultures and backgrounds. Renanot has made huge strides in the preservation and promotion of the vast volume of Jewish melodies, ensuring that the musical soul of the Jewish people will be passed on through time." Activities include: youth education; school for chazanim; sales and dissemination of thousands of recordings of original Jewish music of all traditional genres; major Jewish music concerts; commission of new compositions based on original musical resources; continuous recording and documentation of music from former generations. W:
    Save the is a 501c-3 non-profit organization based in San Diego with Zamlers in 4 continents dedicated to saving and promoting Jewish music by finding old recordings, enriching them with lyrics, translations, transliterations, sheet music, biographies of performers, composers, etc. digitizing the songs including Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino and Chazonish music, and making all this information available on-line to young performers and everybody interested in Jewish music. Additionally, we provide free web sites, free promotion and free calendar to existing performers to help them reach more people, at a lower cost and make their career in Jewish Music more profitable. We currently have 3651 songs and 507 videos of Jewish music posted on our site. W:
    Sephardic MusicA century of recordings and comprehensive historical articles. W:
    Sephardic Pizmonim ProjectPreserving the liturgical traditions of the Sephardic Middle Eastern Jewish community. W:
    Shalshelet: The Foundation for New Jewish Liturgical MusicThe mission of Shalshelet is to enhance spirituality and build community through the creation and dissemination of Jewish sacred music. We believe that Jewish sacred music has the power to link Jews, affiliated and unaffiliated, across all denominations; that music, when inspired by sacred text, can provide fresh insight and depth, enriching the spiritual lives of Jews and non-Jews alike; and that it is essential to unearth and encourage the creation of such music that is being created all over the world. The common tie of sacred music will link Jews in a broader and deeper sense of community, and will enhance the vibrancy of the Jewish people.Composer competitions, publications and international festivals. YouTube:, W:
    Shirim KadishimWhat's happening in the world of Jewish music, as seen by a veteran journalist who has been covering the beat for twenty years. George Robinson, film and music crtici for Jewish Week. W:
    Shul MusicThe objective of this site is to provide a means of promoting the Jewish liturgical choral music that is part of our Jewish musical heritage and that is in danger of becoming forgotten through disuse, unlike Hazanaut which is today seeing a rebirth, with Hazanut concerts, once a rarity, now frequently offered in many locations around the globe. This site's definition of Jewish Liturgical Music (JLM) is any music intended for use in (mostly) Ashkenazi synagogues (shul is Yiddish for synagogue) or in other Jewish religious ceremonies. Thousands of sheets of JLM music are available for download, printing and use, including the complete works of Alman, Hast, Himelstein, Lewandowski, Mombach, Saqui, Sulzer, and Weisser to name but a few, as well as compendiums of works for Shabbatot and Chagim used by shul choirs. Video and audio recordings of JLM including purely choral, purely Hazanut, amateur recordings, professional recordings, live concerts, and links to these. W:
    Siddur AudioFree audio clips to learn Hebrew prayer, Shabbat services, Jewish weekday, and Passover Seder - Download streaming sound clips online. W:
    Sounds JewishSounds Jewish is a weekly program hosted by Andy Muchin from the studios of MPB Music Radio. Andy’s encyclopedic knowledge of Jewish music of all different genres creates a unique sound for Sunday afternoons. In one program, you might hear a traditional klezmer piece, a stand-up comic routine from the 60s, Israeli hip-hop and the gentle tones of a singer/songwriter. There's nothing like it anywhere else! W:
    Sounds Write (shop)Once independent publisher, now absorbed by Transcontinental, and have their own page on the site. W:
    Tara Music (shop)Tara Music offers klezmer and many other kinds of Jewish music in CD, tape and printed form. They are a major publisher of Jewish music books, and were pioneers in making lots of good Jewish music books affordable and available. W: or
    TerezonRetrieved from: The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Research: Bibliographies Personal website created by a student at Northwestern University to commemorate the musicians who died in Theresienstadt. Includes a section about music composed and performed in the ghetto. W:
    Terezon Chamber Music FoundationWebsite dedicated to the preservation, performance, and research of the music written by composers who perished during the Holocaust, with a special emphasis on those in Theresienstadt. Includes information about the foundation's research activities, archives, and educational programs, as well as a calendar of upcoming musical performances. W:
    Teruah - Jewish Music blogQuirky, interesting. W:
    Torah and Haftorah MP3s (shop)URJ / Transcontinental  resource - sung audio files of every verse W:
    Transcontinental (shop)Arguably 'the' major Jewish music publisher, with a large catalogue of some of the biggest names in Jewish music. W:
    Tuning BagdadAn audio-visual collection from the Iraqi Jewish music scene. Tuning Baghdad brings together a growing archive of rare video footage, audio clips and historical information on Iraqi Jewish musicians and the music scene that was displaced from Baghdad in the late 1940s and early 1950s. W:
    Virtual CantorThe purpose of this site is to promote the proliferation of Nusach and to make a Nusach readily accessible to those who have a desire to learn and a desire to deepen their Judaism. This site is a volunteer work in progress. Audio for Shabbat, Festivals, High Holy Days, life cycle events. W:
    Women Cantors NetworkMission: To support one another by sharing professional knowledge and experiences in a nurturing atmosphere. To provide continuing education in areas related to the cantorate and Jewish music. To serve as a forum for discussing practical issues for women in the cantorate. To commission Jewish music for women's voices. W:
    X, Y
    Yiddish Book CenterA large online resource of original, downloadable Yiddish books. Using the link, and entering the search term 'music', you can find books on Yiddish music, including resources of Yiddish sheet music collections. W:
    Yiddish MusicThe site contains a comprehensive collection of recordings, lyrics and biographies of Yiddish musicians. The site is written in Russian, English and Hebrew. The items appear either in English or Russian and are not translated to the other languages. W:
    Yiddish Song - an A to Z of researchCompiled by Abigail Wood PhD, current Joe Loss lecturer at School of Oriental and African Studies, London. W:
    Yiddish Songs OnlineAudio, translations, transliterations. W:
    Yiddish Store (shop)Music, CDs etc. W:
    Yivo SoundsBlog dedicated to introducing the treasures to be found in the Max and Frieda Weinstein Archives of YIVO Sound Recordings. One-of-a-kind commercial discs, field recordings, radio broadcasts and videos are featured, along with interesting biographical information, visual images and fun facts collected by YIVO’s Sound Archivist, Lorin Sklamberg. Also expect reports from the road and, maybe, some special guests. W:
    Zamir Choral FoundationThe Zamir Choral Foundation, created by Matthew Lazar, promotes choral music as a vehicle to inspire Jewish life, culture, and continuity. Building on the success of the Zamir Chorale, the first modern Hebrew-singing choir in North America, Mr. Lazar sought an expansive vision that went beyond the activities of any single choir - one that fostered Jewish identity across generational and denominational lines. Today, the Zamir Choral Foundation is at the center of a growing movement that preserves and fosters Jewish identity through Jewish choral music W:
    ZemerlThe interactive database of Jewish song - Yiddish, Hebrew, Judeo-Spanish. Zemerl was started in the Spring of 1999, with the goal of developing a comprehensive database of information, lyrics, and sounds of Jewish songs in Yiddish, Hebrew, Judeo-Spanish, and other languages. Years and hundreds of thousands visitors later, Zemerl is 500+ song strong, and has helped many people all over the world find their favorite songs, discover new gems, and connect with other lovers of Jewish song. W:
    Zemirot DatabaseA user-editable online collection of songs. W: